Impact of Freezing Seeds on Germination

Freezing Seeds

Many people love to cultivate traditional seeds like marijuana or cannabis for their flavor and variety. With some basic knowledge, you can store the marijuana seeds and use it for further cultivation. The scope of this article is to help you learn seed saving strategies. In case, you want to purchase seeds online, and you are wondering which variety is suitable, the marijuana seeds buying guide can provide you all the information you may need. You can know more here about the quality and types of cannabis by reading online.

Heirlooms are beneficial
Heirlooms are open-pollinated seeds which you can store and replant year after year. People who grow marijuana seeds may want to know how this seed can be saved for later use. Preserving your seeds is not difficult; you need to understand some fundamental prospects.

Preserving for the upcoming season
Short term storage is a massive concern for many house gardeners as well as for most market growers. The fact is that they are on the lookout for ways to get viable seeds for the next planting season. They do not want to bother about ensuring the germination ability of these seeds for a prolonged period. As a result, spending too much money on short-term conservation is not their priority. They attempt to get things done at the lowest possible cost.

Give seeds their due
Temperature and humidity are the most vital concerns for seed storage irrespective of the time for which you conserve them. A consistently cool place always helps. Excessive moisture along with temperature fluctuations will curtail the life and validity of the stored seeds. So, optimum humidity in cold conditions should be vantage points for conserving your seeds.Your refrigerator or freezer can be an ideal place to store seeds as they do not occupy a lot of space.

Drying before freezing
It is crucial to remove most of the moisture from seeds before you go ahead and refrigerate them. Too much humidity can wreak havoc on the potency of seeds to germinate. Getting rid of all the chaff as well as dust from around the seeds will also be vital if you want seeds to maintain their ability to grow.

How cool is too much?
You must make sure that the temperature in the refrigerator does not fall below six degree Celsius. The seeds will lose their ability to produce healthy plants in the situation as mentioned above.It is also likely that the seeds will not be able to transform into plants. So, you must attempt to keep seeds at a temperature of 6-8 degree Celsius at all times. Anything above eight degree Celsius can wreak havoc pretty soon. Please ensure that your seeds do not have to endure such temperatures.

Use an airtight container
Using a sturdy metal box which does not allow passage of air will be a smart move. You will be able to preserve your seeds while making sure that small creatures such as insects and rodents do not harm the seeds.

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