Symptoms And Remedies For Supination

Supination and Pronation go hand in hand when it comes to foot issues. Pronation and Supination refer to the inward and outward rolling of feet respectively. Both these conditions result in unbearable pain in the foot which only worsens as days go by. Generally everyone requires a little Supination and Pronation. However, if it goes beyond a certain level, then it will be difficult for one to walk normally. Foot care products available at, help in caring the paining feet. The importance of foot health is explained in detail in Some of the symptoms of Supination are flat feet, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.

The Cause
Supination or underpronation is caused because of the inward rolling of the foot once the heel touches the ground. In a normal foot also this tendency happens, but at a very minimal level. When the foot rolls inwards more than normal limits, it disturbs the ankle, foot as well as the lower leg. When the body weight gets transferred from one foot to another while walking, a good amount of Supination occurs. When the amount of Supination goes beyond the acceptable level, it will be the cause of damage to the ankles.

Supination can occur if you have any genetic problems relating to foot. The other factors that can initiate Supination in one’s foot are because of walking on a flat and hard surface, wearing low-quality shoes or worn out shoes, any injuries to the ankle, or ligaments, too much workout, poor walking, and standing postures, etc. If you ever face signs of ankle sprains, pain under the feet, weakness when you run or exercise, ankle or foot swelling, etc. it is time for you to consult a podiatrist. They can help you by recommending the usage of shoe inserts which can give comfort to your foot and can reduce the pain to a certain extent.

Dorsiflexion And Supination
Dorsiflexion and Supination relate to the stability and the motion of one’s feet and ankles. The outward foot rolling happens in the case of Supination while in Dorsiflexion, the foot gets bend backward. Dorsiflexion usually affects the athletes while Supination can affect any normal person. For a proper treatment of Supination, only a doctor or a physiotherapist can help you. It is important that you replace your worn-out shoes as soon as possible. When you consult an orthopedic, they might first give you painkillers to minimize your pain and then will advise you to get the orthotic inserts which can help the foot from rolling inwards and outwards.

If your Supination issue is severe, then the doctor will recommend taking physiotherapy so that you can get relief from the pain gradually. Always ensure that before you start any workouts, whether it is your gym workouts or just a morning walk, you should stretch your feet before that. It helps the muscles in the foot to be prepared for the workout. If you can combine right shoes with proper stretches, then you can avoid getting the foot problems completely.

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