Pack and Play – Best Playard for your baby


Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling for the parents. One of the major items which top the list of shopping for the little one is the best pack n play playard. These are basically cots for sleeping purpose of the baby which can be packed and carried along anywhere. Also, its big enough with a sturdy structure to allow the little one to play and enjoy. They are a much safer option than old cots which have stable, lockable sides. The sleep pattern of children is well explained in the site

Certain specification of pack and play include, the structure is made of metal tubes. These are heightened side walls of the crib made of mesh to ensure smooth ventilation as well as the safety of the baby. With the cushioned mat, the comfort to the baby is provided. The structure is durable and stable which makes it cost effective in terms of prolonged usage across generations.

There is various add-on available which can be used in these cribs. These may include toy bars from which various fascinating, colorful toys can be hanged above the baby. Bassinet which is elevated padded area that clips on the top of the cot safely which is handy to lie down sleeping infant conveniently. Entertainment center to play soothing baby music, lullabies, nature sounds, light effects managed through a remote control. Canopy to save the baby from light, loud noises, insects and mosquito bites, etc. Changing area, used for nappy or cloth change, these are attached to the top rail which can be stretched out when in use or moves back to its original position.

Some of the advantages of pack and play are:
1. No constrained movement within the house- Since the structure of pack and play usually have long and strong wall avoid the baby to fall down. Parents can get involved in another household work while keeping an eye on the baby. Hence multitasking is promoted by these products.

2. Mobility- Since the structure is very light, it can be easily folded and carried easily to the different place.

3. Enhances skills of the baby using educational toys: since there is considerable space for the baby to play around, various colorful educational toys can be thrown inside and let the little one play which enhances various skills like grasping power, motor skills, coordination, etc.

4. Keeps the room very clean and is convenient to use: Since it becomes one place station for all the baby stuff right from toys, nappies, wipes, etc., it helps in making the house more systematic and cleaner. And with additional adjustments like napping changing table and storage place, it becomes very convenient to take care of the baby efficiently.

5. Safer and does not require continuous surveillance: Since the structure of these playards is so carefully designed in terms of ventilated sidewalls, comfortably cushioned bottom, that with ought keeping a constant eye on the baby, you can rest assured about the safety and comfort of the baby.
These new age baby care product is a complete solution for all your concerns of safety, portability, baby’s play area and their comfort.